DRD Partner Josh Rievman Wins $120 Million Award for Minority Shareholders in Intellectual Property Dispute

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In a dispute involving the intellectual property of The Palm Restaurant, the iconic steakhouse, New York Supreme Court Justice Andrea Masley ruled in favor of the restaurant’s minority shareholders, who claimed that the Palm’s majority shareholders breached their fiduciary duty of loyalty by exploiting the Palm’s famous IP for their personal benefit. Justice Masley ruled… Read more

Early Evaluation of Lost Profits Claims by In-House Counsel

Client Alert

In the Fall 2018 edition of Inside, the publication of the Corporate Counsel Section of the NY State Bar Association, DRD Partner Josh Rievman addresses the recoverability of lost profits, one of the most common, yet least understood, categories of damages at stake in business disputes. Read the article here.

NTSB Finds Recreational Drone Operator Caused Crash with Army BlackHawk Helicopter

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The National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) has found that a collision between a US Army BlackHawk helicopter and a recreational drone was caused by the drone operator’s failure to see and avoid the helicopter and his lack of understanding of safe operating practices. The collision occurred east of Staten Island, New York on September 21,… Read more

FAA Grants CNN Waiver to Operate Drones Over the General Public

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The FAA has granted CNN a first of its kind waiver allowing the news network to operate drones over the general public. UAS operations over people not involved in the UAS operation are generally prohibited by 14 CFR 107.39. Similarly, UAS operations at night, above 400 feet AGL or beyond the remote pilot’s visual line… Read more